Hexarchia Genesis NFTs : Rules and FAQ

Dear Hexarchia Community,

Hexarchia Founders are excited to share with you the Official Rules of our First NFT Giveaway!

The winners of the First NFT Giveaway will be announced LIVE by Hexarchia Founders on the official social media channels about 20 days after Hexarchia has reached its Giveaway target of 1000 followers on Twitter (It happened on 29/06/2021).

Hexarchia founders will mint 1000 deflationary NFTs grouped in 3 Rarity Levels:

  • Classic
  • Epic
  • Legendary
Here to you three different NFTs: The Gladius (Classic), the Majestic Blade (Epic) and The Fallen (Legendary)

Hexarchia 1000 Genesis NFTs will be grouped in 600 Classic, 300 Epic and 100 Legendary NFTs.

100 NFTs (60 Classic, 30 Epic and 10 Legendary) will be distributed among participants to our Official NFT Giveaway on Twitter.

Hexarchia founders will announce LIVE — while awarding the first 100 NFTs — how to obtain the remaining 900 NFTs (540 Classic, 270 Epic and 90 Legendary).

This is not all…Hexarchia is introducing an unparalleled progression system for its NFTs: The Ascension System. Regardless of the rarity, all NFTs can be levelled up according to the following hierarchy:

  • Origin Level or Level I
  • Master Level or Level II
  • Supreme Level or Level III
Here you have an example of the Ascension Levels applied to an Epic Sword.

The Ascension System is what makes Hexarchia NFTs deflationary. Players will need to burn two Origin NFTs to mint a Master NFT and they will need to burn two Master NFTs to mint a Supreme NFT.

What is the difference between the three Ascension Levels?

The Origin Level is the starting point of each equipment. Regardless of the rarity, each Hexarchia equipment will be first obtained at the Origin Level only. These NFTs cannot be personalized.

At the Master Level, the personalization gets started: The colour of each NFT equipment can be freely personalized exactly as Hexarchia players wish. For example, you will be able to change the texture of the sword blade and hilt, the colour of your shields or axes.

Finally, at the Supreme Level, the NFT equipment can be personalized to an unparalleled degree. Unique special effects such as fire blasts, thunderbolts, caustic poisons and much more will make your NFTs the most valuable and feared of the Elysium, the mythic world where Hexarchia is set.

Although the Master and Supreme Levels will not be available in Hexarchia Alpha, we can already do the math and determine how many Genesis Hexarchia NFTs could ever be minted for each Rarity Level:

  • 600 Classic Origin NFTs = max 300 Classic Master NFTs =max 150 Classic Supreme NFTs
  • 300 Epic Origin NFTs = max 150 Epic Master NFTs = max 70 Epic Supreme NFTs
  • 100 Legendary Origin NFTs = max 50 Legendary Master NFTs =max 20 Legendary Supreme NFTs

Given our previous experience with other projects, we expect some NFTs to never be claimed, others to be lost or never be traded. External and unpredictable events such as those mentioned will further decrease the supply of Hexarchia Master and Supreme NFTs making them even more scarce and rare.

GiveAway FAQ:

What shall I do to get whitelisted?

Every Twitter Account that has 1) Followed @hexarchia Official Twitter Account, 2)Retweeted one of our Official Twitter Giveaway posts and has 3)commented tagging 3 friends, will be whitelisted to the Giveaway.

The founders of Hexarchia will take all necessary steps to prevent fake or multiple accounts from being whitelisted on our official First NFT Giveaway.

When does the First NFT Giveaway campaign end?

The campaign ended when we reached our Giveaway target of 1000 followers on Twitter, the registrations are officially closed. Do not worry if you did not take part in our Genesis Giveaway on Twitter BEFORE we reached 1000 followers, more events will be announced soon.

How do I know if I got whitelisted?

After completing all the above mentioned steps, Hexarchia founders will add your Twitter account to the Official Whitelist of Hexarchia First NFT Giveaway. The Whitelist will be published on Twitter and on our website approximately 7 days AFTER we reach our Giveaway target of 1000 followers.

There will then be a grace period of additional 7 days for Hexarchia community members to send any corrections or requests for information.

When will the winners of the Giveaway be announced?

The winners will be announced LIVE on Twitch about 10 days after the grace period. Shortly after the LIVE, the video will be published on YouTube so that all those who cannot join Hexarchia founders on Twitch for any reason will be able to find out if they won or not.

I am a winner, how do I receive my NFTs?

We will publish the list of Winners that will need to proceed with the following operations in order to claim their NFTs:

- Login on our website with your whitelisted Twitter account.

- Add your Ethereum wallet address to your profile on our website.

The distribution will take place approximately 10 days after the publication of the final list. The date will be advertised on all our social channels.

That was all for this Medium post, if you have any questions do not hesistate to write us a direct message on Twitter or on our official email address info@hexarchia.com.

See you soon Commanders!




Next-generation NFT war&strategy videogame powered by Unreal Engine. Take command of the greatest civilizations in history. BATTLE-WIN-COLLECT

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Next-generation NFT war&strategy videogame powered by Unreal Engine. Take command of the greatest civilizations in history. BATTLE-WIN-COLLECT

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