Hexarchia: Discover the Genesis NFTs

6 min readJul 26, 2021

Hexarchia Genesis NFTs on Opensea: https://opensea.io/collection/hexarchia-equipment

Dear Hexarchia Army,

The time has come. Today,a new era in blockchain videogames is starting: We are showcasing Hexarchia 1000 Genesis NFTs. These in-game assets will be airdropped for FREE to community members. The first 100 of them will be distributed among the 562 whitelisted commanders to our Official Twitter Giveaway which has been closed on June the 30th.

The remaining 900 NFTs will be awarded to Hexarchia commanders through other exclsuive Giveaways that will be announced soon. One of them has already taken place last week during the Ethereum Community Conference in Paris where we run a special Quiz about our game. The winners of Hexarchia ETHCC Giveaway will be awarded one Genesis NFT each in the coming days.

NB: The Genesis Set will not be playable in the upcoming Alpha of Hexarchia. You will be able to customize them and use them in game starting from the Beta as we introduce the Ascension System.


Before showcasing the Genesis Set to you, we want to do a quick recap of what is at stake in this Giveaway and why you should be super excited about it:

Hexarchia founders will mint 1000 deflationary NFTs grouped in 3 Rarity Levels:

  • Classic
  • Epic
  • Legendary

Hexarchia 1000 Genesis NFTs will be grouped in 10 Classic, 10 Epic and 10 Legendary NFTs. There will be 60 copies of each Classic equipment, 30 copies of each Epic equipment and 10 copies of each Legendary equipment. This amounts to a total of 600 Classic NFTs, 300 Epic NFTs and 100 Legedary NFTs.


Wait a moment…this is not all. Hexarchia is introducing an innovative NFT farming system for its NFTs: The Ascension System. Regardless of the rarity, all NFTs can be levelled up according to the following hierarchy:

  • Origin Level or Level I
  • Master Level or Level II
  • Supreme Level or Level III

The Ascension System is what makes Hexarchia NFTs deflationary. Players will need to fusion two Origin NFTs to mint a Master NFT and they will need to fusion two Master NFTs to mint a Supreme NFT.

What is the difference between the three Ascension Levels?

The Origin Level is the starting point for each equipment. Regardless of the rarity, each Hexarchia equipment will be first obtained at the Origin Level only. These NFTs cannot be personalized. All Genesis NFTs will be airdropped at this Ascension level.

At the Master Level, the personalization gets started: The colour of each NFT equipment can be freely personalized exactly as Hexarchia players wish. For example, you will be able to change the texture of the sword blade and hilt, the colour of your shields or axes.

Finally, at the Supreme Level, the NFT equipment can be personalized to an unparalleled degree. Unique special effects such as fire blasts, thunderbolts, caustic poisons and much more will make your NFTs the most valuable and feared of the Elysium, the mythic world where Hexarchia is set.

Although the Master and Supreme Levels will not be available in Hexarchia Alpha, we can already do the math and determine how many Genesis Hexarchia NFTs could ever be minted for each Rarity Level:

  • 600 Classic Origin NFTs = max 300 Classic Master NFTs =max 150 Classic Supreme NFTs.
  • 300 Epic Origin NFTs = max 150 Epic Master NFTs = max 70 Epic Supreme NFTs.
  • 100 Legendary Origin NFTs = max 50 Legendary Master NFTs =max 20 Legendary Supreme NFTs.

Hexarchia Genesis Set: CLASSIC NFTs

Standard Gladius: The Gladius is the typical sword of Roman soldiers, used in every military campaign.
Simple Sword: A simple light sword suitable for many types of combat.
Little Axe: A small axe perfect for quick and powerful slashes.
Standard Khopesh: The Khopesh is a sword widely used in Ancient Egypt both in war and agriculture.
Simple Scutum: The Scutum is the shield symbol of the Roman Empire. Prodigious and impenetrable.
Long Katana: It is said that in every Katana there is the soul of his samurai.
Standard Round Shield: A common round shield able to block any attacks.
Pick Axe: A pickaxe capable of easily breaking stones and armors.
Spiked Shield: Wooden boards and thorns to make a shield!? Primitive, but effective!
Simple Spiked Sphere: A simple barbed mace suitable for breaking bones.

Hexarchia Genesis Set: EPIC NFTs

Great Axe: A huge and decorated war axe capable of disintegrating enemies in one blow.
Dragon’s Shield: A very dangerous and solid oriental shield with the incision of a dragon.
Majestic Scimitar: A refined and solid sword, its curved blade allows you to create huge cracks in the ground.
Imperial Greatsword: A huge and heavy sword capable of landing more enemies with a single strike.
Bladed Shield: A very sharp shield that can also be used as a cutting weapon.
Majestic Sword: The particular blade allows you to kill your opponents easily and with style.
Hooked Sword: Its hook can pass enemies’ shields and kill them by surprise.
Imperial Scimitar: A deadly Scimitar used only by the best warriors with great fighting abilities.
Majestic Scutum: An impenetrable Scutum with noble decors reserved for the best warriors in the Elysium.
Royal Greatsword: A lethal greatsword that can only be used by the best warriors who have won numerous battles.

Hexarchia Genesis Set: LEGENDARY NFTs

Astras: This greatsword is not of terrestrial origin, it is capable of generating a mysterious energy.
Braid of War: In its legendary double blades is soaked all the fury of a bloody war.
Elysium Scutum: This Scutum is so solid and precious that it is even used by the soldiers of Elysium.
Sunbreaker Impact: In this hammer is enclosed the strength of the Sun, a single blow can burn entire buildings.
Star of Command: Who uses this sword is able to control the stars, its strikes create temporal gashes.
Lion’s Soul: This shield contains the strength of a legendary lion trained by the soldiers of Elysium.
Eye of Judgement: The eye of this sword can absorb the souls of defeated enemies and send them to hell or heaven.
Sunbreaker Protector: This legendary shield encloses the strength of the Sun. Whoever approaches it, will start to burn.
The Fallen: In its blade is present the soul of a very powerful and brutal king fallen in a legendary battle.
Sunbreaker Slash: In this sword is enclosed the power of the Sun. A single cut can ignite entire villages.

On Tuesday July 27th at 9PM CET (Rome Time) the Hexarchia fouding team will hold a Twitch LIVE to select by sort the 100 lucky winners of Hexarchia Twitter Giveaway. 60 Classic NFTs, 30 Epic NFTs and 10 Legendary NFTs will be awarded to Hexarchia Commanders who have taken part in the contest before June the 30th. A video of the LIVE will be published on YouTube the day after on Wednesday July 28th so that those who cannot make it on Twitch for any reason, will be able to watch the draw as well.

Our engineers have been working tirelessy to make this Giveaway happen, as we have previously announced on our newsletter, on Medium and on Twitter, the NFTs will be airdropped to the wallets of the winners within a maximum of 10 days after July 27th.

Once we will distribute the NFTs, you will be immediately able to trade them on Opensea. Make sure to let the world know about Hexarchia Genesis NFTs once it will be released by posting it on Social media, re-tweeting our post and commenting tagging your friends you belive might be interested in playing our upcoming Alpha. This is only the beginning Commanders, stay tuned!




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