Hexarchia: Discover the Genesis NFTs


  • Classic
  • Epic
  • Legendary


  • Origin Level or Level I
  • Master Level or Level II
  • Supreme Level or Level III
  • 600 Classic Origin NFTs = max 300 Classic Master NFTs =max 150 Classic Supreme NFTs.
  • 300 Epic Origin NFTs = max 150 Epic Master NFTs = max 70 Epic Supreme NFTs.
  • 100 Legendary Origin NFTs = max 50 Legendary Master NFTs =max 20 Legendary Supreme NFTs.

Hexarchia Genesis Set: CLASSIC NFTs

Standard Gladius: The Gladius is the typical sword of Roman soldiers, used in every military campaign.
Simple Sword: A simple light sword suitable for many types of combat.
Little Axe: A small axe perfect for quick and powerful slashes.
Standard Khopesh: The Khopesh is a sword widely used in Ancient Egypt both in war and agriculture.
Simple Scutum: The Scutum is the shield symbol of the Roman Empire. Prodigious and impenetrable.
Long Katana: It is said that in every Katana there is the soul of his samurai.
Standard Round Shield: A common round shield able to block any attacks.
Pick Axe: A pickaxe capable of easily breaking stones and armors.
Spiked Shield: Wooden boards and thorns to make a shield!? Primitive, but effective!
Simple Spiked Sphere: A simple barbed mace suitable for breaking bones.

Hexarchia Genesis Set: EPIC NFTs

Great Axe: A huge and decorated war axe capable of disintegrating enemies in one blow.
Dragon’s Shield: A very dangerous and solid oriental shield with the incision of a dragon.
Majestic Scimitar: A refined and solid sword, its curved blade allows you to create huge cracks in the ground.
Imperial Greatsword: A huge and heavy sword capable of landing more enemies with a single strike.
Bladed Shield: A very sharp shield that can also be used as a cutting weapon.
Majestic Sword: The particular blade allows you to kill your opponents easily and with style.
Hooked Sword: Its hook can pass enemies’ shields and kill them by surprise.
Imperial Scimitar: A deadly Scimitar used only by the best warriors with great fighting abilities.
Majestic Scutum: An impenetrable Scutum with noble decors reserved for the best warriors in the Elysium.
Royal Greatsword: A lethal greatsword that can only be used by the best warriors who have won numerous battles.

Hexarchia Genesis Set: LEGENDARY NFTs

Astras: This greatsword is not of terrestrial origin, it is capable of generating a mysterious energy.
Braid of War: In its legendary double blades is soaked all the fury of a bloody war.
Elysium Scutum: This Scutum is so solid and precious that it is even used by the soldiers of Elysium.
Sunbreaker Impact: In this hammer is enclosed the strength of the Sun, a single blow can burn entire buildings.
Star of Command: Who uses this sword is able to control the stars, its strikes create temporal gashes.
Lion’s Soul: This shield contains the strength of a legendary lion trained by the soldiers of Elysium.
Eye of Judgement: The eye of this sword can absorb the souls of defeated enemies and send them to hell or heaven.
Sunbreaker Protector: This legendary shield encloses the strength of the Sun. Whoever approaches it, will start to burn.
The Fallen: In its blade is present the soul of a very powerful and brutal king fallen in a legendary battle.
Sunbreaker Slash: In this sword is enclosed the power of the Sun. A single cut can ignite entire villages.



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